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  1. What is Brain Fog?

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    Your mind may feel like the fog has just rolled in, and you wonder if it will ever roll out again.  Do you ever feel like a word is on the tip of your tongue?   Or perhaps you walk into rooms and can’t recall what you were there for.   Imagine if these symptoms persisted over weeks or even months.  Brain fog refers to feelings of mental confusion or a lack of mental sharpness.

    Symptoms of Brain Fog

    *  Forgetfulness
    *  Feeling detached or depressed
    *  Mild difficulty with word finding
    *  Processing information more slowly

    Brain fog is not considered a formal diagnosis because testing is not clearly defined.  Women may complain of these symptoms during menopause, particularly during the peri-menopausal period.   Periodic changes in cognitive skills for women are believed to be related to hormonal fluctuations that occur during pregnancy, shortly after childbirth and during menopause.

    There are also other causes for brain fog, or the mild cognitive decline, that frustrate so many people during periods of their adulthood.  Brain fog may lower self-esteem and can sometimes lead to depression if not properly addressed.

    10 Causes of Brain Fog      

    *   Exposure to toxic metals
    *   A copper imbalance in the blood – birth control pills can make this condition worse
    *   Dehydration
    *   Food Allergies or Poor Nutrition
    *   Hypoglycemia
    *   Thyroid imbalance
    *   Poor diet
    *   Stress
    *   Artificial sweeteners
    *   Fibromyalgia

    If symptoms of brain fog persist, be sure to consult with your physician to rule out potentially treatable causes of brain fog.   Talk with a friend or family member about your symptoms and frustrations – this can put your mind at ease and allow you an outlet to vent.   Finally, challenge your brain in new ways each day.  Simple activities like crosswords, brain games, physical exercise and music can help energize your mind and ease your symptoms.

  2. Searching for Brain Games

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    Have you been searching for some really good (and free) brain games?  The wait is over.  Our team at Brain Spade has spent two years looking at what’s available and how games match up with the latest in neuroscience.   Doctors and researchers agree on a few important points when it comes to brain games.  First, change is what’s good for your brain.  Our human brain benefits from a variety of brain training experiences.   New and different types of games focused in areas like memory, problem-solving, speed, and concentration provide a well-rounded workout.

    Studies show that brain games are just one piece of building a brain-healthy lifestyle.  Exercise, nutrition, sleep and stress management are important too.  At Brain Spade, we provide lifestyle tips to help you optimize your brain’s performance.

    Staff’s Picks 

    • Lights OutAn exciting visual memory matching game. 
    • Brain Teasers – Just click on the brain teaser tab at the top for some real stumpers.
    • Double Digits – Reignite your math skills and boost your concentration level.
    • Sugar Sugar – Outside the box thinking has never been more fun.

    Remember that when searching for brain games on the web to look for variety.   Spend time with games that you find challenging.  In just 15 minutes a day you can truly begin to elevate your brain’s level of performance.  And remember, brain games are just one important part of building an overall healthy lifestyle.  Taking a walk, calling an old friend, and even learning to tango can also work wonders for the human brain!

  3. List of 2013 Golden Globe Winners and Emotional Intelligence

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    Celebrities are often considered to be charismatic creatures with big personalities and an uncanny knack for empathizing with the characters they play.  Emotional intelligence factors into this equation too – self-awareness is fundamental to charisma and acting.   We’ve ranked this year’s nominee based on our estimate of their emotional intelligence.

    2013 Golden Globe Winners                                  Emotional Intelligence Quotient               

    Daniel Day-Lewis (Lincoln)                                               Moderate EQ

    Richard Gere (Arbitrage)                                                    Lower EQ

    John Hawkes (The Sessions)                                            Moderate EQ

    Joaquin Phoenix (The Master)                                        High EQ

    Denzel Washington (Flight)                                              Very High EQ

    As nominees win or lose, handle the media and make their acceptance speeches examine how they carry themselves and answer questions.    Do you find them likable?  Do they seem sincere, gracious and in touch with the crowds?   Here is a quick list of emotional intelligence factors to consider when you watch the 2013 Golden Globes on Sunday night.

    Self-Awareness –   Does the Golden Globe nominee appear confident?  Do they have a funny self-deprecating sense of humor?

    Self-Regulation – Do they appear trustworthy?  Do they get their speech wrapped up before the music cuts them off on stage?

    Motivation – Do they seem like the Golden Globe matters when they win?   Personally, we can’t stand it when the actors get dressed up, come to the awards show, win and then act like they could care less about the award.   If you don’t care – stay home.

    Empathy –   Are they sincere in recognizing their fellow nominees?  Do they seem to appreciate the award while also recognizing that there are big world problems going on that are much more important than they are?

    Make a point as you sit down to watch this year’s Golden Globe Award show to view it through the lens of emotional intelligence.   It might just make it a more entertaining award show.