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  1. Sleep Spindles – Just One More Reason to Sleep

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    If 8 hours seems like an impossible dream, read on to discover the brain benefits of sleep.

    Besides increasing alertness, sleep–particularly rapid eye movement (REM) sleep–is a great way for the brain to store new information in long-term memory.  The brain accomplishes this through a phenomenon that scientists have recently come to understand: sleep spindles.

    Sleep spindles are short bursts of brain waves that occur during REM sleep. The REM phase usually takes place toward the end of the night, between hours 6-8,  when people are most likely to dream.

    Imagine that you are taking golf lessons and have worked with a coach to improve your swing.  If you sleep 6-8 hours the night after you take the lesson you are much more likely to retain the fine details you learned during your training.

    Bottom Line: If you want to improve your golf game (or retain information in general), sleep longer.