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  1. Understanding Leptin and the Impact on Your Brain

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    Did you know that hunger is regulated in our brains?

    The hypothalamus controls appetite and is responsible for maintenance of body weight.  Leptin, a hormone produced in our fat cells, sends a signal to the hypothalamus that you are full.  The result is you stop eating.  When adequate leptin is not present or the receptors on the brain are not working correctly the result is overeating.

    How can you maintain proper leptin levels?

    One way is to monitor fructose consumption.   Have you ever noticed that you can eat sweets and never seem to get full?  Too much fructose makes your brain resistant to leptin.  The largest concentration of fructose comes in sodas, juices, energy drinks, and sweets.  Other hidden sources include ketchup, salad dressings, bottled sauces, and most pre-packaged foods.

    Avoiding high-fructose foods and beverages will keep your brain sharp so you can push away from the table when you are full.

    Article by Lisa Lineberg, Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist who holds a BS in Exercise Physiology