5 Ways To Unlock Your Brain Power

Aerobic Exercise: There’s a ton of research that shows a link between exercise and cognitive function. One study found adults’ brain-processing speed improved after half an hour of moderate exercise. Do the brain a favor and start moving.

Power Naps: A power nap can help improve your level of focus. Even a twenty-minute snoozer can help boost your concentration and memory function.

Dance: Shake a leg on the dance floor this weekend. Research shows that dancing involves mental challenges like planning and coordination and may protect against cognitive decline. Hey Macarena!

Nuts and Seeds: Squirrel away some brainpower. Nuts and seeds pack nutrients that seriously boost cognitive performance. Zinc in pumpkin seeds may improve memory. The vitamin E in nuts helps boost cognitive skills.

Novelty: The daily crossword might be challenging, but after the hundredth puzzle, your brain craves something new. Attempting new activities stimulates the release of dopamine, which increases the growth of new neurons and helps drive motivation.

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